Hands on with Sync 3

Today I was formally introduced to Sync 3. This is Ford’s newest iteration of their hands-free, touch-screen info-tainment system. Ford brought out the engineer in charge of the design to walk us through what’s new and then let us loose on a fleet of Sync 3-equipped Ford Escapes to test it out for ourselves. Continue reading

Squrrell’s Automotive Top Picks for 2013

The Canadian International Auto Show is nearly upon us, which tells me it’s time to call out my favourite cars of the present and near future. They might not all be at the show this year, but I’m going to put my bum in as many of these as possible!

2013 Honda Accord Sport

The Sport model of the new Honda Accord comes with a manual transmission, meaning it’s intended as a car for drivers. The manual transmission in the Sport trim is unique to Canada, too. Our friends in the states have to make do with a CVT automatic. What this tells me is that Honda Canada thinks Canadians are awesome enough to warrant bringing the magic for us in an affordable trim, and I’m hoping we show them it was a good idea. Even in automatic, though, this car is getting rave reviews. Continue reading