Review: 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Hyundai is giving the so-called top tier manufacturers legitimate cause for concern as they gain increasing market share. Hyundai is doing so by steadily upping the ante. With each iteration of a vehicle they bring out, Hyundai delivers closer and closer to what’s available from the likes of Honda and Toyota. Their angle has always been more for less. More features, less price. But if you’ve ever driven a Hyundai in the past, you’ll know there was something about them that felt a little “off.” It could be odd button placement, hollow-feeling plastic coverings, buzzy motors. Not bad necessarily, just “off.”

With that in mind, let me start my review with the Santa Fe. Honda, Toyota, VW: Meet your match. Hyundai just reached parity. The Santa Fe is uncompromisingly good. Continue reading

Hennessey Venom GT.

Hennessey Venom GT2 via Autoblog

I just read on that Hennessey announced they would be putting out an even more powerful version of their Venom GT for those who found 1,200hp too tame. The new model, called the Venom GT2 (wow, original), will sport 1,500hp and a few new features/enhancements. It’s $1.25 million to start, which is a smidgeon over of my current price range, but I’d probably pick one up if I had the cash lying around.

It reminded me to find the following video I wanted to share with you. Continue reading