To Spotify or not to Spotify, that is the question.

Spotify Logo

Let me get this out of the way right out of the gate: this is not a sponsored review. This is merely me sharing my stream-of-consciousness contemplation of music-as-service in the hopes that it helps others.

What is Spotify?

I would describe it as a music service that gives you access to (pretty much) every song, ever. But it’s more than that. It has fantastic curated playlists, playlist sharing, and even a feature to download the songs to your device for offline listening – a huge plus for plane rides and trips where roaming becomes an issue. Continue reading

Good news for Mill St. fans.

Mill St. Logo

I attended the Brooklin Beerfest last week.  It’s become a big annual event (actually, there were two this year) put on by Brooklin’s 1847 Wine & Beer Bistro. The event takes up not only the entire bistro, but also Grass Park across the street. They had a good assortment of craft brewers on hand, including Mill Street, Flying Monkeys, Old Flame, Amsterdam, Beau’s, Brock Street Brewing Co., Waterloo, and Smithworks. Continue reading

Hands on with Sync 3

Today I was formally introduced to Sync 3. This is Ford’s newest iteration of their hands-free, touch-screen info-tainment system. Ford brought out the engineer in charge of the design to walk us through what’s new and then let us loose on a fleet of Sync 3-equipped Ford Escapes to test it out for ourselves. Continue reading

Three automotive frogs that have become princes.

Some people make up their minds for life on cars. “I had a GM product in the early nineties and it wasn’t very good. I’ll never buy a domestic vehicle again” is a good example. I believe in second chances, though. I believe someone (even car companies) can change their stripes. Here are three examples of cars I once thought were the worst, and would now consider buying. Continue reading

No vans allowed: 3 affordable family cars you should consider.

Of course there are mainstays that everybody looks at when they need a new “family” vehicle. Most people don’t break out of the box. And I get it, I really do. If you’re willing to drive a van, you get a Dodge Caravan if you’re budget is tight, or a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna if you have a little more to spend. And if you’re not a fan of the van, you’re almost certainly going to set your sights on some sort of SUV.

Most people who ask me about what car to get say, “I really want an SUV”, and I just don’t see why. They drive worse than cars. They’re worse on gas than cars. And they usually have no additional utility over a hatchback or wagon. The only quality an SUV gives you that cars don’t is that they’re tall.

So, what would I recommend people look at if they want to break out of the box? Here are three cars that are a little bit off the beaten path that I would send people to look at in 2015. Continue reading