My top 3 automotive Super Bowl ad picks. (with rant-astic bonus pick)

For the record, I don’t actual watch the Super Bowl, so don’t ask me about the game. In fact, I only found out a day after the game who the teams were. I didn’t even know Baltimore had a team. What I do watch is the bigger contest of the day: the ads.

This year’s competition wasn’t all that great.  Most ads fell into the Snicker or Meh categories.  Three of them stood out from the rest for me, two of them because they resonate with the parent in me, and one because it is genuinely funny.  I’ve added a bonus commercial in, but you’ll have to scroll over my rant to get to it. Continue reading

2013 Civic Si Commercial

Good fun for boys and girls (regardless of age) who love Hot Wheels and Cartoons.

I spent the better part of 5 years in love with my old 1998 Honda Prelude, so I often dream of having a Civic Si because I know it’s the closest thing you can get to a four door Prelude.

Looking forward to seeing the new Civics out on the street soon. Honda whipped up a re-do for the 2013 Civic after just one year since a completely new car was released to poor reviews from critics. It seems to have paid off. The new model looks great in pictures.

The Intouchables.

I love movies and I’m not terribly particular about them. I don’t do horror, but pretty much everything else is on the table. Since I have notoriously dubious taste in movies (just ask Alexandria), I really have no room to “recommend” one…  but that’s not going to stop me from trying.

Someone told me about a movie he’d seen recently called The Intouchables.  The premise: a wealthy quadriplegic hires on an utterly unqualified man to care for him.  While it sounds like the premise for a completely inappropriate slapstick comedy, it’s actually based on a true story, and totally heartwarming.

It’s French, as in France-French, so you’ll have to rock the Subby-Ts, but it’s totally worth it. You have to watch it.

Hennessey Venom GT.

Hennessey Venom GT2 via Autoblog

I just read on that Hennessey announced they would be putting out an even more powerful version of their Venom GT for those who found 1,200hp too tame. The new model, called the Venom GT2 (wow, original), will sport 1,500hp and a few new features/enhancements. It’s $1.25 million to start, which is a smidgeon over of my current price range, but I’d probably pick one up if I had the cash lying around.

It reminded me to find the following video I wanted to share with you. Continue reading