Cellular cravings – 3 phones I want really want to try.

OnePlus 2I’m very much an iPhone user. I’m on my third iPhone now, and I still love using it. That said, I’m always into what’s new, and curious about what living on the other side might be like. Sadly, I even have a history of this. A couple years ago I tried Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and lasted 5 days before I sold it and went back to my iPhone.  Now, however, my curiosity is rising again… there are some really great phones out there, and I would love to try them. Continue reading

Hands on with Sync 3

Today I was formally introduced to Sync 3. This is Ford’s newest iteration of their hands-free, touch-screen info-tainment system. Ford brought out the engineer in charge of the design to walk us through what’s new and then let us loose on a fleet of Sync 3-equipped Ford Escapes to test it out for ourselves. Continue reading

Another post for the coffee crowd.

Have you seen these new reusable cups at Starbucks? How is everybody not talking about these yet???  At $1.00, they are an easy buy. And unlike other options, you can still let everybody know you fancy by keeping the classic Starbucks look. You can even sport the paper sleeve if you’re so inclined. So why pay ten, twenty, or even thirty dollars on a travel mug when you are just going to:

  • leave it in the car until it’s so gross you need a hazmat suit to remove it;
  • leave it behind at a friend’s house;
  • let your kid pee in it on a road trip and render it too gross to ever use again;
  • lose it on public transportation; or,
  • tuck it away in the back of a cupboard and never use it?

The fact that most coffee places will discount your drink by 10 cents for BYOC (bringing your own cup) means that these sweet babies pay for themselves in just 10 visits! Compare that with the hundreds of visits it takes until you get your money back on other, fancier cups.

Green? Because it’s just simple plastic, it’s easily recyclable in most places. Sweet!

I’ll bet these will be available at almost every coffee shop (appropriately branded, of course) before too long. Kudos to Starbucks for bringing these out.

Turn that SD card reader into extra storage.

Fellow MacBook Air owners,

Are you like me? Did you convince yourself that 128GB, or even 256GB of disk space would be enough, that you’d be good (this time) and keep your files organized and delete those extra photos that didn’t turn out. But you didn’t, did you? So what now? You’re running out of space and there’s no affordable, simple way to upgrade.

The Nifty MiniDrive to the rescue!

Source: theniftyminidrive.com

The picture pretty much sums it up. Drop a micro SD card (super speedy 64GB versions are about $70) in the Nifty MiniDrive adaptor, plug it into that mostly unused SD car slot on the side of your MacBook and, Bob’s your uncle, up to 50% more storage space on your Mac!

Brilliant. Mine’s on the way. Can’t wait.

Get information and your own here.

You can see it in action after the break. Continue reading