Yuck. Who approved this?

Driving along Toronto’s lakeshore, we spied these two beige beauties. Who approved these ocular affronts?

“I would like to build two condos on prime lakefront land.”

“Okay, what will they look like?”


“Sounds good. Approved!”

For shame.

Another post for the coffee crowd.

Have you seen these new reusable cups at Starbucks? How is everybody not talking about these yet???  At $1.00, they are an easy buy. And unlike other options, you can still let everybody know you fancy by keeping the classic Starbucks look. You can even sport the paper sleeve if you’re so inclined. So why pay ten, twenty, or even thirty dollars on a travel mug when you are just going to:

  • leave it in the car until it’s so gross you need a hazmat suit to remove it;
  • leave it behind at a friend’s house;
  • let your kid pee in it on a road trip and render it too gross to ever use again;
  • lose it on public transportation; or,
  • tuck it away in the back of a cupboard and never use it?

The fact that most coffee places will discount your drink by 10 cents for BYOC (bringing your own cup) means that these sweet babies pay for themselves in just 10 visits! Compare that with the hundreds of visits it takes until you get your money back on other, fancier cups.

Green? Because it’s just simple plastic, it’s easily recyclable in most places. Sweet!

I’ll bet these will be available at almost every coffee shop (appropriately branded, of course) before too long. Kudos to Starbucks for bringing these out.

This Tim Hortons lid trick will change your life.

If you’re a heavy Tims drinker and don’t know this trick already, prepare to have your life changed.

Pushing the lid into the cup, as pictured, instead of folding it back makes a baffle inside the cup that keeps the hot contents from splashing out when jostled. This is especially helpful in the car.

As an added bonus, you can bid farewell to the crazy-making task of getting that little, flimsy tab to fold and stick back on the lid.

Christmas spirit saved me $20.

Yum! Waffles!Alexandria asked me for a waffle maker for Christmas. Which makes sense, because pancakes and crêpes are already big weekend players in our house and waffles are the next logical addition to the roster.

So I set off onto the internet to figure out what waffle maker to get for her.  It turns out there’s a lot of crappy-looking waffle makers out there. There are cheap, disposable waffle-machines a’plenty on the internet. Good ones seem to be few, and tend to be pricey. But I did eventually stumble upon something pretty fantastic. Continue reading

Day 2.

Apparently we’re getting new flooring on Tuesday in half of our main floor. So I guess we’ll be tearing up the living room today and tomorrow to get ready.

Looking forward to the new floor. Not looking forward to finding a home for all the furniture that’s sitting in the livingroom right now.

No pain, no gain. Right?