Review: 2016 Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3

The Mazda CX-3 is full of pleasant surprises. It’s a striking little crossover that manages to be cute and aggressive at the same time. It’s got the power to move you around with alacrity, and an interior that would¬†make your boss think they pay you too much. To me, it screams urban-dwelling professional. Someone who needs a car for groceries or Ikea trips, but also needs it to weave through traffic with ease on the daily. Continue reading

Hands on with Sync 3

Today I was formally introduced to Sync 3. This is Ford’s newest iteration of their hands-free, touch-screen info-tainment system. Ford brought out the engineer in charge of the design to walk us through what’s new and then let us loose on a fleet of Sync 3-equipped Ford Escapes to test it out for ourselves. Continue reading

2015 Lincoln MKC Review – Competitive, but not compelling.

2015 Lincoln MKC Review

If you need more flexible space than a sedan can offer, but only enough seating surfaces for 5 bums, then the small crossover – this millennium’s station wagon – is the vehicle style of choice for you.

With the introduction of the MKC, Lincoln finally has one to sell you, and they’ve done a really good job of it on almost every front. Continue reading

Review: 2013 Range Rover Supercharged.

While big trucks intrigue me, they don’t pique my interest unless they can tote as many kids as a minivan. As a dad, and a “value conscious” (read: cheap) and practical one at that, the idea of driving a huge vehicle if it can’t tote more peeps doesn’t really make sense. However, when I read that the new Range Rover Supercharged had a 0-100km time of 5.1 seconds, my interest level spiked. Seriously, that’s sports car quick. And when a chance to drive one came up – I grabbed it. It’s not every day I get to drive a $115,000 truck, and even rarer, I hear, to be able to drive this new 2013 model, which is in short supply. To heck with practicality, this is something special. Continue reading

Review: 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Hyundai is giving the so-called top tier manufacturers legitimate cause for concern as they gain increasing market share. Hyundai is doing so by steadily upping the ante. With each iteration of a vehicle they bring out, Hyundai delivers closer and closer to what’s available from the likes of Honda and Toyota. Their angle has always been more for less. More features, less price. But if you’ve ever driven a Hyundai in the past, you’ll know there was something about them that felt a little “off.” It could be odd button placement, hollow-feeling plastic coverings, buzzy motors. Not bad necessarily, just “off.”

With that in mind, let me start my review with the Santa Fe. Honda, Toyota, VW: Meet your match. Hyundai just reached parity. The Santa Fe is uncompromisingly good. Continue reading

2012 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ.

2012 Chevrolet Sonice LTZ Review

One trend I like (that seems to be most pervasive at the extremes of the car market) is wacky colour choices. It seems like if the car is either absurdly expensive or inexpensive it’s okay to paint it neon-metallic-vomit. The Sonic I was given for testing wasn’t neon metallic vomit colour (unfortunately). It was, however, metallic orange, which suited the bold styling of the Sonic (and me) just fine. From tip to tail, the Sonic’s styling is chunky and strong, basically the polar opposite of most of its present competition, the Honda Fit, Mazda2, Ford Fiesta, and Toyota Yaris to name a few. Continue reading