The best time to be a dad is right now.

Ryan and BDGWhen I think back to all the past dad eras, the father-knows-best, the dad-as-disciplinarian, and the like, I couldn’t be happier to be a dad right now.  I love that there’s no wrong way to be a dad. Stay at home with the kids, take paternity leave, work 9 to 5… there’s little or no preconceived notion of what a dad has to be anymore.

Sure, there are some people out there with old fashioned ideas of what a “man” is. But I’m wearing pink, I have a tiny dog, and there’s no task my kids won’t see me do because of some old notion that it’s not manly. That, I hope, will rub off on my kids. More importantly, on my son, because I’m excited for him to feel the joy I feel at being a dad.

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