Dollar store gold – the Stone Wave.

The Stone WaveIf you happen upon something called the “Stone Wave” at your local Dollarama, you may want to consider buying it.

Breakfast with eggs made in the Stone Wave.

Breakfast with eggs made in the Stone Wave.

A few months ago I picked up a Stone Wave for $3 on a lark. I took it to the office to try to make eggs in it for breakfast. It was supposed to be a joke. But lo and behold, a couple of eggs cook into a great omelette in about two minutes. And now this thing sees daily use.

The eggs come out perfectly sized for an egg sandwich. This would be an easy way to make grab and go lunches for kids or adults. I’ve saved a lot of money with this thing by not buying breakfast at the office (I get in very early), so my return on that initial $3 investment has been huge.

Highly recommended.

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