A wrinkle in quality time.

A wrinkle in quality time.A while back, one of my partners at work shared something with me that has stuck with me ever since. I don’t recall the exact way he said it, which is unfortunate since he’s so eloquent, but the gist of it was this:

People say you need to spend quality time with your kids, but quality time only happens when you spend a lot of regular time with them.

This is once again resonating with me this weekend. You see, I’ve just spent the last two days with my kids, mostly without Alexandria – who’s attending a conference. The kids and I have just been hanging out together. We’ve had some fun, but we’ve had our share of fights and arguments, too.

Last night my daughter decided to come over and sit next to me. We were both on our “screens”, but we were together, and the moment felt nice. Then she paused her game just to tell me, “Daddy, I love you.” and gave me a kiss. I knew then that despite my imperfect record as a dad over the two days we had found quality time, and that made every minute of the two previous days worthwhile.

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