Three things that I now pack when I travel.

Travelling SqurrellI have started traveling more and more for work. As I get more miles under my belt, I’m picking up some new things to pack when I travel. These are three things that make it into my bag when I travel that make my trips so much more enjoyable.

1. Good Coffee.

In-room coffee is typically terrible, so now I take Starbucks Via instant coffee with me wherever I go. A good coffee when you first get up sets the whole day off on the right foot.  This trick was one we picked up while on a family trip to Disney World, actually.  The coffee on Disney properties is atrocious, so the second time around, we packed Via, and it saved the day. Simply run your in-room brewer without the bag of brown sawdust they give you to make hot water – then pour it over the Via.

2. In case of Emergen-C.

Planes are basically just disease crockpots. Put all the ingredients in, close the lid, and let simmer in own juices for hours. I picked up this tip from a writer from Triple Pundit, who kindly gave me an Emergen-C and possibly saved me from a horrendous cold while in Detroit one time. An Emergen-C each morning gives my system some ammunition to fight off illnesses, and compensates for the less than healthy food choices I tend to make while on the road.

3. Bring Da Noise.

Nothing energizes or relaxes like good music. Sometimes you luck out and there’s a good clock radio with a compatible jack or dock for your phone. To be on the safe side, I take my Bluetooth speaker with me so that I can crank my tunes in the hotel room (some dancing may take place, I’m not going to lie). I currently use the Sony SRS-BTV5, which is tiny but packs good enough sound to fill a hotel room, but I’m thinking of upgrading to a Bose SoundLink Colour in the near future. The added benefit of packing one of these is that they are big improvements over your laptop’s sound as well, so you can up your mobile theatre game on the road.


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