Yuck, who approved this: update!

So there’s this pair of super ugly buildings right on the lakeshore in Toronto. Real eyesores. I posted about them a while back because I couldn’t believe someone looked at the building proposal, slated for prime waterfront and stamped “OK” on them.  They basically exemplify all the worst qualities of “beige”.

But rejoice! I drove by them today and they have been getting a makeover! Sort of a pimp my ride meets lipstick on a pig kind of makeover. But just look at them now:

Boring? Sure. But now they’re a good kind of “beige” now, they just blend in with the background.  Heck, they seem to have even been painted specifically to blend in – like urban camo.  And the touches or red look pretty smart, to boot.

Well done Condo board! I applaud you.

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