My top 3 automotive Super Bowl ad picks. (with rant-astic bonus pick)

For the record, I don’t actual watch the Super Bowl, so don’t ask me about the game. In fact, I only found out a day after the game who the teams were. I didn’t even know Baltimore had a team. What I do watch is the bigger contest of the day: the ads.

This year’s competition wasn’t all that great.  Most ads fell into the Snicker or Meh categories.  Three of them stood out from the rest for me, two of them because they resonate with the parent in me, and one because it is genuinely funny.  I’ve added a bonus commercial in, but you’ll have to scroll over my rant to get to it.

Hyundai’s “Don’t Tell”’s “Wolf”

Kia’s “Space Babies”


As a bonus, I’m going to throw in Ram’s “Farmer”.

I couldn’t include it in the top three because, even though I feel it lines up with North American values in opinion, I find it at odds with North American values in practice.  And, despite its use to sell trucks to the masses, [begin rant] who would generally be better off buying a smaller, more fuel efficient car than a gas guzzling truck, and who, when given the choice between small, fuel efficient domestic and foreign cars, tend to choose the foreign car, even though auto critics and independent review bodies are telling them the domestic car is now better than the foreign car, [end rant] it is still a great tribute to hard working family farmers, who are undeniably worthy of the tribute.

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