Christmas spirit saved me $20.

Yum! Waffles!Alexandria asked me for a waffle maker for Christmas. Which makes sense, because pancakes and crêpes are already big weekend players in our house and waffles are the next logical addition to the roster.

So I set off onto the internet to figure out what waffle maker to get for her.  It turns out there’s a lot of crappy-looking waffle makers out there. There are cheap, disposable waffle-machines a’plenty on the internet. Good ones seem to be few, and tend to be pricey. But I did eventually stumble upon something pretty fantastic.

Image credit: Cuisinart

Sniffing around Amazon I discovered a set of waffle-making plates for something called “The Griddler” by cuisinart. While it sounds like a Batman villain, it turns out it’s a nifty little machine that will replace will replace three or four kitchen counter dust collectors.

I read some reviews which seemed promising, so I brought it to Alexandria’s attention. I learned long ago that going out on a limb for such things was not worth the risk of them being a disappointment (though I still sometimes fall into the trap).  She approved of the substitution and it was now time to source one out for a good price.

Cuisinart - The Griddler

Image credit: Cuisinart

Most retailers sell it for $124.99-$129.99.  I discovered that Home Outfitters had it for $99.98. Money! I’m up $25.01! Not that I’m counting.

While standing in line with my Griddler, a lady and her young daughter line up behind me.  We exchange pleasantries. I smile at her daughter, because I know my own would be just as bored in Home Outfitters. When I get to the cash to pay, a $20-off coupon slides its way between me and the cashier. I took me a few seconds to figure out what it was, and a few more to figure out that it was for me to use. Boom. Just like that, this total stranger saved me $22.60 (tax included). That’s like 10 quarter-pound hot dogs and 20oz pops at Costco! That’s serious dollars! I thanked her profusely, and she simply said, “merry Christmas” with a really lovely smile.

And that is how Christmas spirit saved me $20.

Now, I hope Alexandria’s ready for “guess what I made for breakfast” to forevermore be “Griddle me this!”…


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