Dear Rogers; It’s not me, it’s you.

So this summer Alexandria and I decided we were all done with cable TV. We were all done paying $70 for what amounts to little more than a time killer. Most of the time it was only slightly better than just sitting on the couch and doing nothing, and all of the time it was worse than actually getting up and doing something else.

Time to turn it off. Click.

I called Rogers in July. “I’d like to cancel my cable and internet please.”

As expected they offered me a deal to keep me. Customer retention, gotta love it. If you’re happy with us enough to stick with us, you pay more than someone who’s keen to leave. It’s like reverse loyalty rewards.

Anyhow, I did need internet. I was going to go to TekSavvy as they offered better pricing, but the Rogers customer rep convinced me to stay with Rogers by offering me an equivalent price for the upgraded service. So I stayed. I upgraded my modem to get the upgraded service.

Two weeks later my service bombed. It was slow and unreliable, at best.

I exchanged my modem for a new unit. While doing so, the fellow told me that my modem rental cost would go up by a couple dollars. Which was surprising, actually, since I wasn’t supposed to be paying a modem rental fee at all. The guy checked and discovered that my “deal” hadn’t been applied to my account. No problem, he said, “Call them and they’ll make it right, it’s clearly documented in your account.”

With the new modem installed the internet was great. And then a few days later it wasn’t so great.  And then it wasn’t anything at all.

So a technician came to the house and upgraded the modem’s firmware. The internet was great again! And then it wasn’t. And then it wasn’t anything at all. So we reset the modem and it was great again. Then it wasn’t. So we reset the modem again and it was great again. Then it wasn’t… wash, rinse, repeat.

I spent a day on the phone with tech support, futzing around with my settings, and changing network setup. Then it was great again! Then, you guessed it, it wasn’t…  you get the gist.

Around this time, I realized that I hadn’t called in to rectify the billing error. Nothing like being frustrated by the service levels to remind you that you’ve been overpaying.

Sir, the deal they offered you isn’t available any more, I can only offer you this significantly worse deal.” (I’m paraphrasing here, obviously, but that’s basically how I interpreted what I had heard). The bottom line was that I was out of luck. They couldn’t retroactively apply the deal they had originally promised me.

…a few minutes later…

Hello? Bell? Yes, I’d like some of your internets please.

So, now hooked up with Bell and getting a deal beating even the original offer from Rogers, I head on into the Rogers Plus store with my modem to return it and cancel my service.

Sir, did you already cancel your service? No? You’ll have to call in an cancel.

Say what? I have to call Rogers while sitting in a Rogers store to cancel? Where’s the logic in that?

After about 25 minutes of waiting on the phone I got through to their cancellations department and the fellow tried to retain my business, again, telling me he could give me the original deal I was offered. “I’m sorry, you’re too late,” I told him, “I tried to get that deal before I came in to cancel, and they couldn’t give it to me, that’s why I’m cancelling.

So he tells me the earliest cancellation date he can give me is 30 days away.  I advise him that “I’d rather it be cancelled immediately,” to which he replies, “Sir, there’s a 30 day cancellation period, that’s our policy.”

I think on it for a moment and tell him I’m comfortable with the extra 30 days so long as I can get a credit for the amount I was overcharged. Some quick math tells me he’ll owe me about $15, so he’d be better off just cancelling me immediately.  “Sir, I can only give you the credit if you’re staying with Rogers.”

But if you had given me the credit I would be saying with Rogers. Now it’s too late and you want me to pay more than you said I would for yet another month. You can see how that’s wrong, can’t you?

Sir, that’s our policy.”

After some frustrating discussion I decide I’m all done talking about it for the night and tell him, “Fine, let’s just get it over with. If I return the modem today, at least I won’t have to pay the $8 rental fee, right?”  Wrong. He even insisted on charging me for the rental of a modem I had already returned because, well, it’s policy.

A tube of lube and a funny hitch in my walk later, and I walk out of the Rogers store free from any Rogers services for the first time in over a decade.

I walked into the Rogers store content that things didn’t work out, no harm done. Now I’m livid and disgusted. I’ve probably given Rogers over $15,000 of my business over the last decade or so, and this is how it ends.  Real classy Rogers. Just so you know, it’s not me, it’s you.

I’m sure my new provider, Bell, will be much better…  hey, I can’t help it. I just really like hooking up with shady characters.

9 thoughts on “Dear Rogers; It’s not me, it’s you.

    • You know, it isn’t really about pricing itself, either, that’s the crazy thing. It’s strictly about the differential pricing tactics (through contracts) and punitive customer service policies.

  1. This is the post I would have written, verbatim but substituting Bell for Rogers! People are on to something when they say the game changer for business is going to be big businesses that can get back in touch with the little guy. I am sick of huge company monopolies putting customers through this kind of ridiculous frustration. It makes me very ranty. This post made me not feel so radical, erratic, or alone. I thank you *steps off soapbox, crosses fingers for you*

  2. Ugh. I’m horrified but not surprised by the service that Rogers has provided. I am stuck in a contract (that I didn’t agree to) for an other 8 months and then buh-bye! These big companies don’t really have any competition, they feel like they can do whatever they want. Better deals for new customers, crap for existing ones. It’s disgusting. I haven’t quite figured out what it is going to take for things to change though…

  3. Hi,

    First off, I’d like to apologize for the issues you’ve had along the road. It does seem that they could have been avoided and I’ll forward your post for internal feedback.

    In the meantime, I’m in touch with Alexandria on Twitter and will follow-up on your current situation.

    If there’s anything further I can do to assist you – or any of your readers, please feel free to reach out to me via Twitter @RogersNicolas or @RogersHelps andour Facebook page.


  4. We have spent the better part of 18 months dealing with issues with Rogers and finally gave up on them this past week. Unfortunitly after 8+ years with rogers they decided to stick it to us one last time with their stupid 30 day cancellation policy so we are paying for two service providers in the same month. Guess what Rogers, we won’t be back!!

    • I feel your pain. I ended up forced to rejoin Rogers when we moved because they are the only game in town for true high-speed internet. It has been painless and the price is relatively good – so no harm done so far.

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