Renewing an old hobby.

Back in the mid-90s I used to play guitar every day for hours. I couldn’t get enough of noodling around on the guitar. I took a couple lessons early on, but the pace was too slow for my liking and I broke away from lessons and taught myself or learned from friends what I needed to know to play my favourite songs.

The pinnacle of my musical “career” came when some highschool friends and I pulled together a band (which we named Harold after the weather person on City TV).  We had great fun writing and practicing songs and eventually got a gig together at the 360 on Queen Street in Toronto.

image credit: Epiphone

Fast forward 17 years and you’ll find my huge amp collecting dust in the garage. My Epiphone Les Paul Heritage Cherry Sunburst guitar, my pride and joy, now lies in its case some place in the basement wondering when it might receive some much needed attention. The lowest point came last year when I agreed to sell my acoustic guitar for $100. I hit rock bottom (pun intended).

Time to reboot.  Time to get back in touch with my inner rocker and get my guitar on.

I’ve asked Alexandria for a new acoustic guitar for Christmas. Yesterday I visited my local Long & McQuade store and picked out an acoustic guitar – a Takamine G440C. I picked up some new strings for my Les Paul and some guitar picks. And today I’ll get some contact cleaner to put my amp back in playing shape.

Now, off to Twitter to ask y’all if you’ve got a long lost passion you’re keen to reboot.

As a funny side note, Long & McQuade still had me on file from back in my playing days. Amazing. They did, however, have to get my own phone number as I no longer live with my mother. They also had to ask me to fill in a new field they’ve added to their datebase since I was last in: email address.

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    • Totally took your husband’s advice! Loved it at the store, hope it’s as good when I get it home. They have to order it in from Takamine so it’ll be a while before I get it.

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