Have you ever reached the gravy point?

the point at which everything thereafter is just gravy

When you set out to do anything that takes effort to make happen, be it a vacation, a fancy dinner party for friends, a big work project, or the like, there comes a point where the effort it took to set about doing it is paid off. I call this “the gravy point” – it’s the point at which you have been duly rewarded for your efforts already and everything from that point on is just gravy.

Example: John travels to Arizona. He sees the Grand Canyon for the first time and is blown away. He thinks, “wow, I have two days left here and the trip was already totally worth it.” John has now reached the gravy point. And the sunrise he’ll see in Sedona the next morning and light filtering through the Antelope Canyons later that afternoon are just gravy on top of an already successful trip.

Review: 2016 Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX-3

The Mazda CX-3 is full of pleasant surprises. It’s a striking little crossover that manages to be cute and aggressive at the same time. It’s got the power to move you around with alacrity, and an interior that would make your boss think they pay you too much. To me, it screams urban-dwelling professional. Someone who needs a car for groceries or Ikea trips, but also needs it to weave through traffic with ease on the daily. Continue reading

Cellular cravings – 3 phones I want really want to try.

OnePlus 2I’m very much an iPhone user. I’m on my third iPhone now, and I still love using it. That said, I’m always into what’s new, and curious about what living on the other side might be like. Sadly, I even have a history of this. A couple years ago I tried Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and lasted 5 days before I sold it and went back to my iPhone.  Now, however, my curiosity is rising again… there are some really great phones out there, and I would love to try them. Continue reading